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myday is a mobile app that allows you to manage time and record appointments. The app is tailored to the needs of business people, mentors and consultants, and people who spend a significant portion of their time meeting with clients. The interface can log, manage tasks, record appointments and share with the client.

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Individual project

UX UI & Interaction design


Project Info


Keeping track of tasks  and meetings is challenging, there are lots of tools but they do not interface with each other, and even when they connect and work with each other, in practice you work more in running and managing the tools instead of doing the work itself. The myday app combines three different apps into one.


A solution that combines meeting log management, meeting documentation, and “to do iist” task management, are integrated in one interface, which relies entirely on automation, such as automatic recording and transcript of the meeting by consent.

Main Goals


Documentation of business meetings. Sharing and tracking progress



Manage diary, tasks, projects and daily schedule in one interface efficiently and conveniently



A simple crm system plus the option of signing a customer to confirm a transaction

Competitive Research

My market research has focused on existing economies today for time management/ tasks/projects  such as “any do”, “googele calender”, “monday”, “asana”, “toggl” and more. I learned what exists and what is missing, at the same time I examined crm systems for customer management and call recording interfaces. I was looking for an interface that allows documenting meetings and transcripts but without success.
I also looked at an interface that allows recording and editing of videos that include transcription such as ״descript״.

Below is a comparison of the features on the platforms.

Calendar Management v v v v v x
Task management v v v v v x
Contact Management v v v x v x
Meeting documentation x x x x x v


Idan Business Consultant 35 years old.

Meet on average with 3-5 clients a day for business meetings. Keeps a log for scheduling appointments, and also uses a task management app. Today he documents the meetings with the customers on the computer – at the end of the meeting he summarizes and sends the customer an email. Need to maneuver between several systems in order to maintain a neat and clear schedule and manage its work. It would be easier for him if he could use one interface that would centralize all his needs, and he could document during the meeting – this way he would save valuable work time afterwards and things would not be missed.

Michal is a 39-year-old consultant and mentor.

Michal meets with clients at the beginning of the process for an initial consultation, at the end of the session sends the client a summary of the meeting and a quote for the continuation of the process. Today she summarizes the meetings during or after the meeting, and prepares the quote after the meeting, which wastes valuable time. She currently uses several platforms to manage her time log and appointments, it will be easier for her if she has the option to use a single interface that will centralize all her needs and give her the ability to document during the session and edit the existing one at the end of the session.

User Flow

I created the main user flow for the product to help display the complete path a user takes when using it.


First, an initial characterization phase and the creation of wire frames for the main screens was done, later in the process, additional screens were designed as part of the design process.

These wireframes show the layout for all the major elements of the user interface on the key screens. At this stage, the appearance of the future app is basically clear. The next step will be to develop the visual part.

For a look at the prototype of the wire frames, click here

The Design


In the Onboarding screens I highlighted the main features of the app.

Custom view

View by category or time depending on user selection.

Log management

Time management interface, calendar management and appointment scheduling. In daily, weekly and monthly view for user convenience.

Task management

Scheduling and editing tasks for proper and efficient time management. In daily, weekly and monthly view for user convenience.

Customer list

Manage contacts and customer list, easy access to quick calls and details of meetings made with the customer.

Meeting documentation

Recording and transcribing the meeting in a simple and efficient way that can be edited. A pop-up alert before the start of a meeting for quick and easy access to start documentation.

Transcription and editing

Records and transcribes frontalio meetings, by phone or on the web. Simple and easy, the documentation of the meeting can be edited and shared with the client. Can also be used as a quote and contains the option of signing the customer.

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