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TourGo is a mobile application in the field of tourism used to book entertainment / accommodation.
The app has a number of end users: the resort tourist, the business owner who provides the reservation and service providers.

Freelance project for a software company

UX UI & Interaction design


Project Info


Owners of B&Bs in Israel find it difficult to keep track of bookings and check the availability of rooms in the B&B at the various tourist sites. On the other hand, the telephone order for checking availability on the phone is cumbersome and inconvenient for both the tourists and the owners. Another challenge for B&B owners is the ongoing maintenance of the accommodations and work with a number of service providers, technicians and plumbers to accompanying service providers for vacationers on site such as masseurs, chefs and more.


The solution is a single interface that connects all stakeholders, vacationers, B&B owners and various service providers. The platform chosen is a mobile app that will be available and accessible to everyone and will allow updates and orders on a regular basis from anywhere, at any time so that it is updated in real time.

Main Goals


Real-time update on room availability at resorts



Connecting 3 end users with common needs and launching on one platform



Enabling organizational order in the management and maintenance of the complex for accommodation owners


Itzik is 46 years old, owns a B&B in the Golan Heights.

Has difficulty managing the day-to-day management of the B&B and managing the reservations. Itzik is busy all day with the phones of the customers who want to check if the complex is available on the desired date for their vacation, at the same time he must order air conditioner technicians to repair the air conditioner in one of the rooms, and provide optimal service to guests in the complex.
The hospitality complex is registered in a number of different tourist sites and Itzik has difficulty updating the availability of rooms at the various sites due to unavailability.

Yael is 32 years old from Tel Aviv.

Want to book a romantic weekend for a couple in a B&B in the Golan Heights. She does not have time to browse several tourist sites and call B&B owners to check availability, looking for a convenient app where she can make the reservation directly in her free time – on the way to work while traveling by train.

Nadav, 35, an air conditioning technician and self-employed handyman.

lives in a settlement in the Golan Heights
Nadav is an excellent, dedicated and professional professional in his work, but his marketing life as a freelancer is less suitable for him. Today he usually receives inquiries from customers who have heard about him from a satisfied customer, but that is not enough. Nadav would like to work with regular customers who consume his service on a regular basis but he does not know how to reach them and market it out.

User Flow

I created the main user flow for the product to help display the complete path a user takes when using it.

Search process

The tourist searches through the app and filters the results for the desired accommodation complex.
The search process: Selects an area – Selects the type of accommodation complex – Selects dates – Number of guests / rooms / children – Click on the search button

Choice of results

The user browses the search results and selects from the offered options – selection of the accommodation complex – entry to more details about the complex – selection of a room and pension conditions and continuation of booking and payment

Task management

Scheduling and editing tasks for proper and efficient time management. In daily, weekly and monthly view for user convenience.


The user can save favorite places for convenient return.
The Favorites Library keeps all the information about the order date and price so he can get back to the information when needed.

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