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A mobile application in the field of nature conservation whose purpose is to create a database in the field of biodiversity in Israel for use in research and monitoring.

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Project Info


Today there is a lot of scattered information about biodiversity in Israel, concentrated nature surveys are conducted every year but it is not enough. There is a large community of nature lovers in the country who during trips meet wild animals and some document the encounter and share it on social networks but the information is not neatly concentrated in databases. On the other hand, universities conduct research on nature conservation and, with great effort, collect pieces of information for the purpose of the research. Another challenge is that there is no effective solution today in reporting an encounter with an injured wild animal that needs assistance so many times the cases are not reported and the wild animal does not receive the assistance required for its rescue


The Reportable app enables the collection of information in an orderly manner which can be used for research and monitoring purposes for universities and the Nature Reserves Authority and the Society for the Protection of Nature. The interface allows reporting to an injured wild animal, reporting a dead wild animal or an illegal hunter so that cases will be dealt with in a timely manner and be more effective.

Main Goals


Creating a reliable database for use in research and monitoring



Increase effectiveness by enabling rapid reporting of an injured wild animal or poacher



Encouragement, development and participation of the nature conservation community in Israel


Uri, 27, Arava, photographer and nature lover.

He really likes to record encounters with animals through his camera. He goes out into nature with the bell for a weekend, settles in an observation post and follows the movement of animals in the Paran River. Uri likes to share his photos online and with nature lovers on Facebook. Recently, Uri has been following a band of savages and documenting them.

Negev, 42 years old, inspector of the Nature Reserves and Parks Authority in the Sde Boker area.

The Negev has encountered quite a few times in cases where hikers encounter wildlife that have been injured and need assistance but he came to them too late as they did not know how to help them and call for help for them. Sometimes he also hears in retrospect about cases or suspicions of hunters in the area but it is too late for him to catch the hunters.

Shelly, 28, is a graduate student in ecology in desert research at Ben Gurion University at Sde Boker College.

Her research deals with tracking the wild to examine the size of their population, the wild were returned to nature in 1982 by the Nature and Parks Authority and since then the population has grown uncontrollably as there are no natural predators in the country and in recent years the wild cause damage and disturb the ecological balance. Shelly collects pieces of information about the wild inventions and the number of bands and the details in them


User Flow

I created the main user flow for the product to help display the complete path a user takes when using it.

Reporting process

One of the challenges in reporting animals by users is to examine the accuracy and reliability of the report, in order to overcome this obstacle and ensure that the report is accurate. . A questionnaire such as the size of the animal, tail length and special markers so that the number of possible results is smaller than question to question and at the end of the process the user receives a limited number of results can choose from them the animal reported.


In addition to reporting, the user can also use the app to define plants and animals. By clicking on the Debugger button, the user enters the definer and selects the relevant department – mammals / birds / reptiles / amphibians / fish / arthropods / spiders / plants – after the selection, further filtering and polling is performed according to his choice, similar to polling done at the time of reporting. Until you reach the end result – the end result is accompanied by an image so that the user can verify that it is indeed the plant / animal that he wanted to identify. In addition, the interface has image recognition in order to minimize the number of results and the possibility of fast and accurate identification.

Latest reports

In the main menu the user can view the latest reports he has published
In addition, in the main menu the user can see reports made at his location / recent reports / popular reports / information about the flora and fauna in the place and more

Profile setting

In defining the profile, the user is asked to enter his personal details, but beyond that, he is asked to define himself in several ways in order to examine the quality of his reports. The user regroups himself as a professional / nature lover and at what level, in addition to that he defines the level of his orientation in identification and chooses the field in which he is familiar with mammals / birds / reptiles / etc

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